surface protection

If it dents, scratches, slides, skids or stops, Dorman Hardware’s Surface Protection line has a products to make it soft, smooth, grip, stick or slide.


Felt Pads

Dorman Hardware proudly offers premium options in addition to a comprehensive line of industry-standard floor care and surface protection product. Fed up with peeling felt pads? Sick of sliders that don’t? Dorman has you covered.


Quick Slides

Reusable, self-stick and pop-on options to fit nearly every task help cut the work – not add a headache.


Hardware-Fastened Tips

When self-adhesive pads just refuse to stick around, hardware mounts will ensure tips stay in place. Metal, felt and polymer tips are available in multiple sizes with nail-on or threaded-stem attachments.


Cabinets & Tabletops

Light and flexible protectors help prevent tabletop scratches, quiet slamming drawers or hold objects in place on shelves. Application-focused value packs help you find the right product for the job without breaking the bank.


Caster Cups

Surprisingly useful caster cups don’t just hold wheeled furniture in place. Place them under that heavy couch with the too-skinny legs to prevent carpet “dents” or preserve hardwood.

Chair Leg Tips

Right-sized, right-priced replacements for folding chairs and tables. Plastic and rubber tips come in two colors and all the most popular diameters.



Basic wedge-style doorstops come in both home and commercial styles.