hooks & hanging

From pictures to plates, plaster to drywall: if you want to hang it up, Dorman Hardware probably has the right fastener at the right price.

Picture Hangers

A broad-and-deep set of industry-standard hangers, optimized for shoppability.


Premium Hangers

Skip a step or eliminate mistakes with these unique and innovative hangers.

Masonry/Hardwall Hangers

Plaster walls? Concrete or brick? We’ve got you covered.


Partner Lines

Dorman Hardware proudly distributes patented or specialized items from specialty manufacturers.


Specialty Hangers

From plates to plate glass, we’ve probably got a hanger for it.

All the Small Hooks

A complete (and then some) collection of useful hooks: tiny to not-so-tiny, decorative to functional, screw-in to stick-on.

Temporary Hooks

Need a hook but can’t damage a wall? Find it in this line of suction, magnetic, over-the-door and other hooks that won’t leave a hole.