garage organization

Hangers, organizers and accessories can help you to get all that piled stuff off the floor and in the right spot when you need it. (Getting floor space back doesn’t hurt, either.)

Dorman Hardware products offer a solid value, “extras” like mounting hardware that you expect, and load ratings you can trust.


Storage Hooks

Get just about anything off the floor with these threaded steel hooks. A full range of styles and weights helps balance value with performance.


Utility Hooks

Direct-to-wall utility hooks offer plenty of storage at the right price, and include mounting hardware for convenience. Basic and application-specific styles available.


Tool Organization

Tools are only useful when you can find them! These toolbars will help your tools stay visible, accessible and orderly.


Pegboard & Hooks

The exclusive, heavy-duty Fusion-Lock™ connectable pegboard leads a full range of hooks and accessories in both 1/8 in. and 1/4 in. formats.


Garage Accessories

Because your garage is probably full of "Stuff To Be Organized", Dorman Hardware has plenty of uniquely useful "Stuff To Organize It All". It’s worth a look before tackling the honey-do list.